Workshop Schedule

The position papers are here.

9:00 - 10:30: Session 1 - Papers and Presentations
L. R. Barreto, R. Douence, G. Muller, M. Südholt. Programming OS Schedulers with Domain-Specific Languages and Aspects: New Approaches for OS Kernel Engineering
R. Green and A. Rashid. An Aspect-Oriented Framework for Schema Evolution in Object-Oriented Databases
R. Douence, N. Jussien Nonintrusive Constraint Solver Enhancements
N. Ghafari, A. Lau, B. Pekilis, J. Thai, R. Seviora H&V Consistency Checking for Software Health Monitoring


11:00 - 12:30: Session 2 - Papers and Presentations
S. Canditt, M. Gunter Aspect-Oriented Logging in a Real-World System
K. Vandenborre, M. Matar, G. Hoffman Orthogonal Persistence using Aspect-Oriented Programming
H. Kim, S. Clarke The relevance of AOP to an Applications Programmer in an EJB environment
A. Nechypurenko Using Design Patterns to Improve Aspect Reusability and Dynamics
M. Schüpany, C. Schwanninger, E. Wuchner Aspect-Oriented Programming for .NET
P. Gahide, N. Bouraqadi, L. Duchien Promoting Component Reuse by Integrating Aspects and Contracts in an Architecture Model
D. R. Dechow Exploiting the possibilities of weave-time aspects in the creation of component-based ecological models
S. Dangeti, T. Ramasamy, J. Murugan Runtime Weaving of Aspects using Dynamic Code Instrumentation Technique for Building Adaptive Software Systems


14:00 - 15:30: Session 3 - Papers and Presentations
S. Hanenberg, P. Costanza Connecting Aspects in AspectJ: Strategies vs. Patterns
W. Vanderpeeren. A pattern based approach to separate tangled concerns in component based development
E. Truyen, W. Joosen, P. Verbaeten. Run-time Support for Aspects in Distributed System Infrastructure
I. S. Welch, R. J. Stround Security and Aspects: A Metaobject Protocol Viewpoint


16:00 - 17:30: Session 4 - Informal Breakout Groups, Relaxed Coffee Time
Group 1 Aspects, Components, Patterns, Meta-Objects, Architecture, Reuse and their relations
Group 2 Aspects in System Infrastructure
Group 3 Applications of AOP in Real-World Projects