AOSD Conference

D6: AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT)

Matt Chapman, IBM Hursley
Andy Clement, IBM Hursley

Thursday, March 18, 11:30
Friday, March 19, 11:00

The AspectJ Development Tools for Eclipse project (AJDT) aims to provide first class tooling for developing applications with AspectJ. In addition to IDE support on a par with Eclipse's Java Development Tools, AJDT provides sophisticated tools for visualizing and navigating the crosscutting nature of your aspect-oriented applications.

During the session we'll look at how to use aspects with existing Java applications, as well as exploring functionality that can also be used with new AspectJ projects. We'll be focusing on the AJDT v1.2 release where there have been significant improvements to provide better integration with Eclipse 3 and new and upcoming features will be showcased. These include better views and UIs for viewing crosscutting associations, content assist, advice ordering, inheritance hierarchy crosscutting, control-flow advice, and crosscutting- centric project exploration. This release of AJDT has itself been built with AspectJ and we'll show how this has helped to improve code quality, serviceability, add performance and resource monitoring capabilities, and enable us to support multiple versions of Eclipse.

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