Overview of the Research Project Collaboration (preliminary)
Important Dates
Collaboration Event Interest Submission:
Monday, March 1st, 2010
Notification of Selection:
Monday, February 1, 2010
Matching Students:
Monday, February 1, 2010
Event date:
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Room Bouvan
AOSD 2010 includes a new Project Collaboration event for research and development projects. A set of R&D projects will have an opportunity to present their work at the conference (15 min. presentation) and to engage with students working on relevant topics.

Requirements to the R&D projects:
  • The project's research and/or development should be related to AO;
  • A project representative should attend the AOSD conference to introduce the on-going work and to outline what are the open issues the project is interested in exploring.
  • The interested students will then have a discussion slot with the relevant project representatives to discuss their ideas on these issues and potential collaborative work.
Collaboration format
Issues on specific collaboration format (e.g., how to involve students, working remotely or locally, etc.) will be driven by the specific project/student circumstance. The aim of this event is to identify and connect mutually interested parties and provide opportunities to meet and work out their own collaboration schedules/details.
Benefit to the research/development projects
Participation in this event provides two main benefits:
  • Project Dissemination: the selected projects will be invited to give a 15 min. presentation at the AOSD conference (please note that registration for AOSD conference is a pre-requirement for the presentation).
  • The projects will potentially identify students to work on the topics that they are interested in researching/developing.
Benefits to students
Students will get an opportunity to find and engage with projects related to their work. This could involve, for instance, using the projects as evaluators; gaining experience of research collaboration; developing industry-relevant software and joint publications, etc.
Participation Guidelines
In order to participate, please submit an Expression of Interest containing a 2-3 paragraphs description of the project itself, a URL (where available) pointing to further details on this project, and a list of topics of interest to this project. Email your submission to the Student Event Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at students at aosd.net.

The submitted expressions of interest will be evaluated for their relevance to the AOSD community as well as to for the relevance of the background and experience of the students registered for the AOSD 2010 Students Forum. The project selection committee consists of the Industry, General, and the Student Events Chairs of the AOSD 2010 Conference.

Selected projects will be invited to register for the Project Collaboration Event.