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Aspect-Oriented Software Development with Codagen Architect

  - Thu March 20, 16:00 - 17:30
  - Fri M
arch 21, 09:00 - 10:30

  - Mario Cardinal (Codagen Technologies)

This demonstration will present Codagen Architect, a Model Driven Architecture™ tool ( that enables aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) by allowing the transformation of UML models directly into working software code. Codagen Architect enables software development teams to promote AOSD in the following ways:
  - abstracting aspects such as architectural issues
  - encapsulating aspects in transformation templates
  - weaving aspects across business objects during the generation process

Codagen Architect has existed since 1999, and version 3.0 of the product generates Java, C#, C++, and Visual Basic code. Codagen Architect is one of the first MDA-compliant tools that enables AOSD.

Codagen Architect implementation techniques are based on UML metaprogramming.

The audience will learn how easy it is to abstract aspects such as debugging issues inside Codagen transformation templates and how, using a UML model as input, they can easily weave the debugging code inside business objects.


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