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NEW: The AOSD Practitioner Track offers state-of-the-art education in AOSD
  - 1 tutorial from our tutorial program. On Monday we offer 4 valuable tutorials for practitioners.
  - Admission to the practitioner's track on Friday morning and all the demonstrations on Friday morning.
  - Presentation by Ivar Jacobson from Rational on Tuesday morning (7.45-8.45 am).
  - An AOSD with Eclipse Birds of a Feather session on Tuesday evening (7-9pm).

The discounted cost for this Practitioner Track is $210 (vs. $450 + tutorials). Please base your conference fee from that in as the total when registering.

The practitioner report series highlights insightful contributions from practitioners in commercial and non-commercial organizations adopting and using AOSD techniques. Practitioner reports will be made available online from this website as of Sunday 16th March 2003.

Aspect Oriented Profiler

Date:  Friday 21st March 9:00-9:30am
  - Jonathan Davies (Cambridge University)
  - Nick Huismans (Imperial College London)
  - Rory Slaney (Edinburgh University)
  - Sian Whiting (Imperial College London)
  - Matthew Webster (IBM UK)
  - Robert Berry (IBM UK)
Paper:  PDF Download

Performance analysis is motivated as an ideal domain for benefiting from the application of Aspect Oriented (AO) technology. The experience of a ten week project to apply AO to the performance analysis domain is described. We show how all phases of a performance analysts' activities initial profiling, problem identification, problem analysis and solution exploration were candidates for AO technology assistance, some being addressed with more success than others. A Profiling Workbench is described that leverages the capabilities of AspectJ, and delivers unique capabilities into the hands of developers exploring caching opportunities.

Using AspectJ to Eliminate Tangling Code in EAI Activities

Date:  Friday 21st March, 9:30-10:00am
Author:  Arno Schmidmeier (Sirius Software GmbH)
Paper:  PDF Download

Enterprise Application Integration imposes various non-functional requirements on integration teams and application manufacturers, which are hard to separate with OO languages and tools. This paper describes how the overall integration effort has been dramatically reduced by using AspectJ to integrate different Sirius EOS Service Monitors in a NGOSS compliant EAI architecture realized with Vitria BusinessWare.

Applying AOP for Middleware Platform Independence

Date:  Friday 21st March, 10:00-10:30am
  - Ron Bodkin (New Aspects of Security),
  - Adrian Colyer (IBM UK),
  - Jim Hugunin (PARC)
Paper:  PDF Download
This report discusses experiences applying AspectJ in a consulting project at IBM. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the suitability of AspectJ for modularizing crosscutting concerns in a middleware product line. This report describes and assesses the design approaches, tools integration, and cultural impact.


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