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T8: Aspect-Oriented Programming for Database Systems

  - Awais Rashid, Lancaster University

Date: Tuesday, March 18, afternoon (half day)

Level: Intermediate

Attendees should have basic knowledge of database management systems. Basic knowledge of AOP is beneficial but not required.


Database systems are central to the day-to-day functioning of most businesses, but are notoriously costly to design and maintain. Like other software, database systems are subject to many crosscutting and overlapping concerns at both the design and implementation levels. Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) aims at easing software development by providing abstractions that serve to localize crosscutting concerns, e.g., code that cannot be encapsulated within one class but is tangled over many classes.

This tutorial will describe how AOP can be applied to address crosscutting concerns in database systems in order to make them more customizable, evolvable, and maintainable. The aims of the tutorial are fourfold. First, attendees will be introduced to the basic concepts of aspect-oriented programming. Second, the tutorial will highlight crosscutting concerns in database systems at both the DBMS and database levels. Third, the tutorial will describe the use of AOP concepts to achieve cost-effective customization and reduced maintenance overheads at the DBMS and database levels. Finally, new requirements imposed on database systems in terms of aspect storage and integration with aspect-oriented programs will be discussed. Solutions to address these emerging requirements will be presented.


Dr. Awais Rashid is a lecturer at Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK where he teaches database technologies. His principal research interests are in aspect-oriented software development and object-oriented databases. He leads the Aspect-Oriented Databases initiative at Lancaster which introduces the principles of aspect-oriented development into database systems. Previously Awais has worked as a postgraduate researcher at Lancaster on the ESPRIT DEADA project concerned with the production of a development environment for DBS applications based on the document-centered approach and OO paradigm. He has also worked at Xerox Research Centre Europe, Cambridge Laboratory and as a visiting researcher at University of Tuebingen, Germany and New University of Lisbon, Portugal.


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