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Student Research Extravaganza

Date: Tuesday, March 23
Time: 18:30
Location: Foyer, George Fox Building

Download: Presentation by Mehmet Aksit


  • Provide a venue for students to vet research ideas and directions with experts in the field.
  • Expose students to possible research directions.
  • Allow students to intermingle and get to know each other.


  • Formal Portion: After a brief introduction from the organizers, two experts in the field, Mehmet Aksit and Hidehiko Masuhara, will speak for ten minutes about where they see the field heading and interesting problems likely to be encountered along the way. We will also introduce the other experts in attendance.
  • Informal Portion: Students will be invited to present their posters to experts roving around the room. The experts will provide commentary and advice on the work. Students will also have the opportunity to mingle and talk to each other. Students should put up posters prior to the start of the event. Refreshments will be available.


The event is only open to students and participating experts to ensure that the students have ample opportunities to discuss their work with these experts.

Participating Students

Modelling and Implementation

Language Design and Language Implementation

  • Ruzanna Chitchyan (Lancaster University, UK)
    A Model for Dynamic Hyperslices
    Keywords: dynamic aspects, hyperslices, multidimensional separation of concerns, dynamic adaptation, reconfiguration
    Areas of interest: dynamic AOSD, multidimensional separation of concerns, reflective AO systems, dynamic adaptation, reconfiguration
    Status of research: halfway

  • Curtis Clifton (Iowa State University, USA) Download Poster
    Domains of Discourse: Concern Annotations for Program Understanding
    Keywords: domains-of-discourse, static typechecking, ownership types
    Areas of interest: aspect-oriented programming language design and implementation, type systems, formal methods, software engineering
    Status of this research: formative

  • Celina Gibbs (University of Victoria, Canada)
    Garbage Collection in Jikes: Could Dynamic Aspects Add Value?
    Keywords: resource reclamation, virtual machines
    Areas of interest: systems infrastructure and dynamic aspects
    Status of research: formative

  • Andrew Jackson (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) Download Poster
    SourceWeave.NET: Source-Level Cross-Language Aspect-Oriented Programming
    Keywords: weaver, .NET, language independence
    Areas of interest: framework design, programming paradigms, ubiquitous computing
    Status of research: finished

  • Tobias Windeln (University of Bonn, Germany)
    Genericity for Aspect Languages
    Keywords: genericity in aspect languages, static analysis, implementation
    Areas of interest: AOP, logic meta-programming (LMP), program transformations, genericity, type safety
    Status of research:

Tools and Tool Support

  • Mik Kersten (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Towards an Aspect-Oriented IDE
    Keywords: development tools, IDE, AOP, visualization
    Status of research: formative

  • Doug Janzen (University of British Columbia, Canada) Download Poster
    Programming with crosscutting effective views
    Keywords: development tools, virtual source files
    Areas of interest: programming languages and environments
    Status of research: nearing completion

  • Daniel Speicher (University of Bonn, Germany)
    An Infrastructure for Program Transformations and Refactorings
    Areas of interest: program transformations, refactoring, understandability of large and complex software systems, AOSD methods for remodularization, early aspects
    Status of research:

Static Software Evolution and Product Lines

  • Vasian Cepa (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany) Download Poster
    Addressing Ubiquitous Software Complexity with Mobile Containers
    Keywords: mobile, ubiquitous, container, generative, transformer, framework
    Areas of interest: generative programming, containers, transformers, AOP, MDA, product lines
    Status of research: halfway

  • Iris Groher (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)
    Advantages of and Challenges for AOSD for Product Line Development [working title]
    Keywords: system families, product lines, AOSD, feature-oriented programming, generative programming
    Areas of interest: aspect-oriented software development, program families and product lines, early lifecycle separation of concerns
    Status of research: formative

  • Nicholas Leidenfrost (Lancaster University, UK)
    AspOEv: Supporting Flexible Object Database Evolution with Aspects
    Keywords: schema evolution, instance adaptation, type systems, object oriented databases, object versioning
    Areas of interest:
    Status of research:

  • Neil Loughran (Lancaster University, UK)
    Framed Aspects: Configuration and Variability Support for AOP Languages
    Areas of interest: product lines, reuse, software composition, generative programming, configuration, variability, evolution
    Status of research:

Dynamic Software Evolution

  • Anis Charfi (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)
    AOP for flexible and dynamic web service composition
    Keywords: dynamic adaptation, web service composition, XML
    Areas of interest: adaptive systems, dynamic AOP, cross-platform AOP, reflective AOP
    Status of research: formative

  • Peter Ebraert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
    A Concern-Based Approach to Dynamic Software Evolution
    Keywords: dynamic evolution, dynamic AOP, reflective framework
    Areas of interest: dynamic AOP, runtime reflection, metaprogramming, aspect mining
    Status of research: formative

  • Philip Greenwood (Lancaster University, UK)
    Using Dynamic AOP to Implement an Autonomic System
    Keywords: safety, compatibility, security, implementation, self-reconfiguration, environmental conditions
    Areas of interest: dynamic AOP and autonomic computing
    Status of research: formative

  • Junichi Yamaoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
    Aspect-Oriented Framework for Ubiquitous Computing Environment
    Keywords: ubiquitous computing, context dependent aspects, dynamic weaving, Java bytecode conversion, aspect repository
    Areas of interest: dynamic adaptation, re-use of aspects, Java-based AO framework and language
    Status of research: formative

Aspect Discovery and Refactoring

  • Magiel Bruntink (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, The Netherlands)
    Using Clone Detection Techniques to Identify Cross-cutting Concerns
    Keywords: clone detection, aspect mining, cross-cutting concerns, program analysis
    Areas of interest: program analysis, clone detection, aspect mining, aspect-oriented programming
    Status of research: halfway

  • Marius Marin (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
    Aspect Mining and Refactoring
    Keywords: aspect mining, structural queries, clone detection, aspects taxonomy, aspect refactoring, program analysis
    Areas of interest: aspect mining, structural queries, aspect refactoring, clone detection, program analysis, software exploration
    Status of research: formative-halfway

Domain-Specific AOSD

  • Jordi Alvarez (Open University of Catalonia, Spain) Download Poster
    Parametric Aspects. A way to design-pattern implementation (...and others)?
    Keywords: language features, parametric aspects, AspectJ extension, design patterns
    Areas of interest: middleware, definition of new language elements, implementation of design patterns, adaptive hypermedia/personalization
    Status of research: formative-halfway

  • Ronan Barrett (Dublin City University, Ireland)
    Progressive Decomposition in Educational Technology Frameworks and Components
    Keywords: AOP, patterns, W3C, web services, SOA, frameworks, semantics, open source
    Areas of interest: software engineering/architectures for educational technology, separation of concerns, frameworks, patterns, web services, open source technologies
    Status of research: formative

  • Houssam Fakih (Ecole d'ingénieurs des Mines de Douai, France) Download Poster
    Towards Integrating Aspects and Components
    Keywords: AOSD, CBSD, meta-component, reflection
    Areas of interest: unifying aspects and components, reflective component model
    Status of research:

  • Islam A. M. El-Maddah (King's College London, UK) Download Poster
    Goal-Driven Requirements Analysis for Process Control Systems
    Keywords: requirements refinement, formalisation, reusability, understandability, validation, animation, goal-driven requirements analysis, KAOS, process control systems design, formal method usability
    Areas of interest: process control systems, requirements and early specification, artificial intelligence applications in control and software engineering
    Status of research: finished

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