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Dynamic Aspects Workshop (DAW04)


From all submissions, we have identified three major sections that papers can be assigned to. Here is the list of accepted papers. All papers are published in the DAW'04 Proceedings, published as RIACS Technical Report 04.01.

Dynamic AOP Concepts

  • Eddy Truyen, Wouter Joosen, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, Pierre Verbaeten
    A Generalization and Solution to the Common Ancestor Dilemma Problem in Delegation-Based Object Systems

  • Ruzanna Chitchyan, Ian Sommerville
    Comparing Dynamic AO Systems

  • Thomas Cleenewerck, Kris Gybels, Adriaan Peeters
    Aspects in a Prototype-Based Environment

Implementation Approaches

  • Wasif Gilani, Olaf Spinczyk
    A Family of Aspect Dynamic Weavers

  • Wim Vanderperren, Davy Suvée
    Optimizing JAsCo dynamic AOP through HotSwap and Jutta

  • Rainer Burgstaller, Thomas Fritz, Egon Wuchner
    Hot-Deployment of Aspects

Applications of Dynamic AOP

  • Philip Greenwood, Lynne Blair
    Using Dynamic Aspect-Oriented Programming to Implement an Autonomic System

  • Patrick Hill, Simon Holland, Robin C. Laney
    Using Dynamic Aspects in Music Composition Systems

  • Celina Gibbs, Yvonne Coady
    Garbage Collection in Jikes: Could Dynamic Aspects add Value?

  • Bart Verheecke, María Agustina Cibrán
    Dynamic Aspects for Web Service Management

  • Isabel Michiels, Theo D'Hondt, Kris de Schutter, Ghislain Hoffman
    Using Dynamic Aspects to Distill Business Rules from Legacy Code


AOSD 2004

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