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D14: Aspect composition with ObjectTeams/Java in Eclipse

Stephan Herrmannn, Technische Universität Berlin
Carsten Pfeiffer, Fraunhofer FIRST
Jan Wloka, Fraunhofer FIRST

Wednesday, March 16, 14:45
Friday, March 18, 13:15

The Object Teams Development Tooling (OTDT) is an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse. The OTDT provides support for practitioners who wish to apply the ObjectTeams/Java (OT/J) programming language for aspect oriented software development. At the core of this IDE a fully incremental compiler for OT/J performs separate compilation of aspects and regular classes. The Object Teams Runtime System weaves aspects at load time for the benefits of enhanced flexibility and easier configuration management. Specialized editors and structural views give full productivity support for all new language constructs and concepts.

The demonstration will show the relevant concepts of Object Teams and the OTDT. We will walk through a szenario of integrating generalized, reusable aspects into an existing application. Structural browsing will be presented for achieving a sufficient understanding of the application and of the aspect code. A table based editor will be used for defining an additional module serving as a connector between core and aspect. This editor supports all concepts of OT/J relating to aspect integration at the levels of classes (role-base binding), methods (callin and callout bindings) and parameters (parameter mappings). For launching the integrated application a configuration technique is presented which allows to decide at program start which aspects should be included.

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