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Industry track

Invited Talk: AOP with Metadata: Principles and patterns

Wednesday, March 16, 3:30 pm 4:00 pm

Ramnivas Laddad, Author AspectJ in Action


Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and metadata make a synergistic combination. AOP presents itself as a principled producer and consumer of metadata. Metadata enhances AOP's crosscutting mechanism by allowing it to capture join points based on program element's annotations. It also makes AOP much more accessible by simplifying pointcut definitions that utilize annotations.

As good as this combination is, it carries a potential for overuse and misuse, undermining the obliviousness principle. Fully leveraging metadata-fortified AOP requires a systematic understanding of metadata from AOP's perspective and implications of employing metadata-driven crosscutting. This best practices talk will present expressing multidimensional interfaces using metadata and employing associated design patterns to create loosely decoupled system.

Click here for the slides: AOPMetadataPrincipalsAndPractices-AOSD.pdf

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