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T4 : Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming with JBoss: The Case For Aspects

Date Monday, March 14, 2005 afternoon (half day)
Presenter Bill Burke, JBoss Group LLC
Level Introductory: Attendees should have experience with Java programming. Knowledge of the basic principles of aspect-oriented programming is helpful, but not required.


JBoss AOP is a 100% Pure Java aspected-oriented framework usuable in any programming environment. It provides AOP features in a clean pluggable way through annotations, pointcut expressions, or dynamically at runtime. It also offers prepackaged aspects useful for enterprise applications including caching, asynchronous communication, transactions, security, remoting, and so forth.

This tutorial will show how aspect-oriented programming can be used to solve real world problems. It explains how to build, apply, and deploy aspects within applications using the JBoss AOP framework. The real world examples will include building basic aspects, using JDK 5.0 annotations plus AOP, giving runtime APIs for your aspect using mixins, dynamic AOP, using AOP for integration, and finally leveraging AOP for testing. Many of JBoss' middleware aspects will be used for examples. At the end of the tutorial, participants will understand how to use the JBoss AOP framework to make their software development processes more modularized.

JBoss AOP is available at


Bill Burke is Chief Architect of JBoss Inc. and project lead of JBoss AOP. He is currently applying aspect-oriented techniques to the implementation of the JBoss Application Server as well as the development of other middleware aspects. Besides AOP, Bill is heavily involved with clustering and EJB. He also sits on the EJB 3.0 expert committee as JBoss Inc.'s representative. Bill is co-author of O'Reilly's "EJB 4th Edition" and has numerous other in-print and on-line publications. He graduated magna cum laude with a B.S.C.S. from Northeastern University in Boston in 1994.

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