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AOSD.06 Promotions Contest

The promotions contest is now closed! Thank you to all participants. Congratulations to Paulo Zenida of the Fénix@ISCTE project, the winner of the contest.

Project Name:

The winner of this contest will receive a free registration to AOSD.06.

Preliminary results can be found here.


  1. Fill in the fields above and press the Register for Contest button to be registered for the contest. This will take you to a new page that will register your project in the contest and show an HTML snippet that you can use in your page.
  2. Paste this HTML snippet in some prominent location on your website.
  3. Each click-through from the link in the snippet to the conference website will count as one point. A single IP address can only register a click once per hour to prevent multiple page loads for a single visit counting multiple times.
  4. We will determine the winner on February 24, 2006. In case of any extension to the early registration deadline, however, the winner will be determined 24 hours before the end of the early registration period. The contest participant with the most points will receive a free registration to AOSD.06. We will contact the winner through the email provided at registration. The winner will be invited to register for free.
  5. Any contest participant suspected of using scripts or any automated process to increase one's score will be immediately disqualified.
  6. The AOSD.06 Organizing Committee reserves the right to change contest rules or cancel the contest at any time without prior notice.
  7. If you have any problems with registration for the conference or any further questions, please contact the AOSD webmaster:

Email will be used for notification purposes only. It will not be displayed on any webpage, distributed to any third parties, or used for any commercial purposes.

Edited by the AOSD Conference Committee.  Send comments to: