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Live demonstrations of systems that use or support aspect-oriented software development provide an opportunity for companies and universities to show their latest work to the growing number of people interested in adopting AOSD, and also an opportunity for those people to learn about emerging technologies through discussion of technical details with the developers themselves. Demonstrations will be presented by the developers, who will focus on technical details and be able to answer technical questions.

This year, two types of demos are presented: forum demos and tabletop demos. Forum demos are the more traditional demo form that first gives a conceptual introduction in the form of a presentation before showing the tool. Tabletop demos, in contrast, have no conceptual introduction (or an extremely short one) and jump right into the tool demo.

Forum demos are approximately 45 minutes including 10 minutes for questions. Tabletop demos are approximately 30 minutes including 10 minutes for questions.

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Demo Madness

Wed 10:15-10:30

A “blitz” demo overview where each demo presenter gets a
few minutes time to grab your attention and make you want to see their demo in full.

Pavilion Ballroom

Forum Demonstrations (45 min)

Junior A (Wednesday, Friday), Junior B (Thursday, Friday)

Wed 11:45
Thu 11:45
Wicca 2.0 - Dynamic Weaving using the .NET 2.0 Debugging APIs

Marc Eaddy, Columbia University

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Wed 14:00
Thu 11:00

Glassbox: Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting with AOP

Ron Bodkin, New Aspects of Software

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Thu 14:00
Fri 11:00

MRAT: Multidimensional Requirements Analysis Tool

Robert Waters, Lancaster University
Ruzanna Chitchyan, Lancaster University
Awais Rashid, Lancaster University


Abstract (click)

Thu 14:45
Fri 11:45

EA-Miner: a Tool for Identifying and Structuring Aspect-Oriented Requirements

Américo Sampaio, Lancaster University
Awais Rashid, Lancaster University


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Wed 14:00
Fri 11:45

SoQueT: Query-Based Documentation of Crosscutting Concerns

Marius Marin, Delft University of Technology
Leon Moonen, Delft University of Technology & CWI
Arie van Deursen, Delft University of Technology & CWI


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Wed 14:45
Wed 16:45

Made in MAKAO

Bram Adams, Ghent University


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Wed 11:00
Fri 11:00

Modeling and detecting aspect composition conflicts using graph

Wilke Havinga, University of Twente
Tom Staijen, University of Twente
Lodewijk Bergmans, University of Twente


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Wed 14:45
Wed 16:00

Guiding aspect-oriented service composition in WS-BPEL and Padus

Mathieu Braem, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Niels Joncheere, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Kristof Geebelen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kris Verlaenen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


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Tabletop Demonstrations (30 min)

Junior A

Wed 16:00
Fri 11:00
AspectC for Aspect-oriented Systems Development in C

Hans-Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto
Michael Gong, University of Toronto


Abstract (click)

Wed 12:00
Fri 12:00
Compose*: Industrial Strength AOP for .NET

Pascal Durr, University of Twente
Lodewijk Bergmans, University of Twente
Mehmet Aksit, University of Twente


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Wed 11:30
Fri 11:30
PointcutDoctor: IDE Support for Understanding and Diagnosing
Pointcut Expressions

Lingdong Ye, University of British Columbia
Kris de Volder, University of British Columbia


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Wed 11:00
Wed 16:30
Clustering the JVM using AOP

Jonas Bonér, Terracotta
Eugene Kuleshov, Terracotta


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