Student Forum

The Student Forum will take place on Tuesday in parallel with the workshops and allow students to meet other students before the main conference begins. As in previous years, the Student Forum will be an interactive format that allows students to interact brainstorm innovative ways that Modularity research interests intersect. Students will also have the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of domain experts.


Important Dates

  • Submission: April 6, 2014
  • Event: April 22, 2014 afternoon



  • To be announced



  • To be announced


Speed Dating

Participants pair up and introduce themselves and their research to each other during 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, they have to find a new partner.


Collaborative Writing

In small groups, students will develop an idea of how to incorporate their respective research into a coherent, joint project. They will write down a motivation and problem statement for it, as well as an approach. In the end, they present their research idea to the whole group. During the afternoon, the panelists consult the students and give additional input.



  • Panelists to be announced



It is mandatory to register for the participation in the Student Forum by sending the following information to by April 6, 2014.

  • Prepare one or more questions you would like to be discussed in the panel.
  • Write a short description about yourself (max. 100 words) including what is your field of research (e.g., languages, tools, design, applications) a brief problem statement for your research and what is your experience (i.e., how long have you been a PhD student).