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Gregor Kiczales - Making the Code Look Like the Design

Many software development advances can be characterized as making the code look more like the design -- from the looping constructs of structured programming, to object-oriented programming and model-based development.

The first part of this keynote will outline the contribution aspect-oriented programming is making to this evolution. What is unique about AOP? What does it share with previous advances? What can we learn from previous advances about work we still have to do?

The second part of the talk will explore a further step in the evolution: intentional technology is a synthesis of object-oriented, aspect-oriented and intentional programming techniques. This integrated technology enables code for a wider variety of systems to look more like the design. I will use examples to show what intentional technology can be, and to explore the unique role that aspect-orientation has to play.

Satoshi Matsuoka - Aspects of Grid Computing

The Grid is slated to become one of the major infrastructures for network computing. Indeed, there are very large and active national as well as international projects to not only build grids but to also conduct significant Grid middleware as well as Grid applications research and development. The talk will introduce the current status quo of Grid research, and will attempt to identify its aspects as well as prospects for AOP to play a role in its construction, since the current trend is to define a set of Grid Services as Web-based component models.

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