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Industry track

Invited Talk: AOP in Spring

Thursday, March 17, 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Rob Harrop, Principal, Interface21
Adrian Colyer, IBM, AspectJ and AJDT projects


This talk gives a brief introduction to the Spring lightweight container and its support for dependency injection. Spring's approach to AOP will be presented, along with examples of some of the aspects that come pre-packaged with Spring. Spring also integrates well with AspectJ, and examples will be given of how to configure and use AspectJ aspects with Spring, We will discuss when it is appropriate to use Spring's AOP framework, and when to use AspectJ aspects. The talk will conclude with a look at some ongoing developments to make the use of both Spring AOP aspects and AspectJ aspects as seamless as possible in the Spring container.

Click here for the slides: SpringAspectJ.pdf

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