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D1: AJDT with AspectJ5: New Features

Wednesday 11:00-11:40 & Thursday 14:50-15:30


The AspectJ Development Tools for Eclipse project (AJDT) aims to provide first class tooling for developing applications with AspectJ. In addition to IDE support on a par with Eclipse's Java Development Tools, AJDT provides sophisticated tools for visualizing and navigating the crosscutting nature of your aspect-oriented applications.

AspectJ has recently been upgraded in all areas to support the Java5 language (generics, annotations, etc). It also now supports the @AJ style syntax for developing aspect-oriented applications in pure Java. During this session we'll explore these new language features and look at how they surface in AJDT. We'll also take a look at the latest features of AJDT itself, including new views like the crosscutting comparisons view and the new launch mechanism created to properly exploit AspectJ loadtime weaving.


  • Andy Clement (IBM Hursley, UK)

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