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Industry Track

The Industry track proceedings are available in the archives. Please use the following to cite the proceedings:

Matt Chapman, Alexandre Vasseur, Günter Kniesel (Eds.):
"AOSD 2006 - Industry Track Proceedings". Technical Report
IAI-TR-2006-3, ISSN 0944-8535, Computer Science Department III,
University of Bonn, March 2006.

I1 Improving the Performance of Database Applications with Aspect-Oriented Programming, Wednesday 11:00-11:30
Uwe Hohenstein, Siemens, Germany
I2 Using Aspects with Object-Oriented Frameworks, Wednesday 11:30-12:00
Michael Mortensen, Hewlett-Packard, United States
Sudipto Ghosh, Colorado State University, United States

Use of AOP in J2EE application performance monitoring, Wednesday 12:00-12:30
Srinivas Narayanan, Tavant Technologies, United States
Kamal Govindraj, Tavant Technologies, India
Binil Thomas, Tavant Technologies, India
Prashant Nair, Tavant Technologies, India
Subin P, Tavant Technologies, India

I4 The Challenges of Writing Reusable and Portable Aspects in AspectJ: Lessons from Contrac4J, Wednesday 14:00-14:30
Dean Wampler, Aspect Research Associates, United States
I5 Java Virtual Machine support for Aspect-Oriented Programming, Wednesday 14:30-15:30
Alexandre Vasseur, BEA, France
Joakim Dahlstedt, BEA, Sweden
Jonas Bonér, Terracotta Inc, United States
I6 Lessons learned building tool support for AspectJ, Wednesday 16:00-16:30
Andy Clement, IBM, United Kingdom
Mik Kersten, University of British Columbia, Canada
Matt Chapman, IBM, United Kingdom
Adrian Colyer, Interface21, United Kingdom
I7 Gathering Feedback on User Behaviour using AspectJ, Wednesday 16:30-17:30
Ron Bodkin, New Aspects of Software, United States
Jason Furlong, New Aspects of Software, United States
I8 Analysing AOP Adoption in Industry, Thursday 10:30-11:30
Rob Harrop, Interface21, United Kingdom
I9 Implementation of AOP in non-academic projects, Thursday 11:30-12:00
Allison Duck, Business Objects, Canada


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