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D8: A Simple Fluid AOP Tool

Wednesday 14:50-15:30 & Thursday 14:50-15:30


Aspect-oriented programming enables programmers to modularize the implementation of crosscutting concerns. Linguistic approaches to AOP, like AspectJ, use programming language mechanisms to support the new kind of modularity. We present a Fluid AOP approach, which supports modularization of crosscutting concerns in the development environment. The idea is for the IDE to temporarily shift a program to a different structure to allow some specific editing or reasoning task, and then let the program relax back to its primary decomposition. In this demonstration we present Fluid AJ, a simple Fluid AOP tool built on Eclipse, which modularizes the editing of crosscutting concerns in plain Java code.


  • Terry Hon (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Gregor Kiczales (University of British Columbia, Canada)

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