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D13: A Tool for Impact Analysis of Aspect Weaving

Thursday 10:30-11:10 & Friday 10:30-11:10


One typical usage of aspect-oriented programming is to add crosscutting concerns into an existing program. In such a case, it would be useful for the programmers to know the impact of the added aspects on the existing program. In other words, by knowing the regions in the existing program where the behavior is affected by the aspects, the programmers can minimize the amount of the code to review, the number of prior test cases to execute, and so forth.

In this demonstration, we present a tool for the impact analysis of weaving, which is implemented as Eclipse plugins. The tool visualizes the "impact" of aspect weaving by highlighting the affected code regions in an editor pane of the extended AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT). As the basis of the tool, we designed and implemented Eclipse plugins for analyzing Java and AspectJ programs. The plugins are collectively named JADE (Java and Aspectj DEpendence analyzer). JADE allows Eclipse-based tool developers to create program analysis tools based on system dependence graphs.


  • Hideaki Shinomi (IBM Japan, Ltd.)
  • Takeshi Kimura (Kanrikogaku Kenkyusho, Ltd.)
  • Hidehiko Masuhara (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Tetsuo Tamai (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

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