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D7: LogicAJ - A Uniformly Generic Aspect Language

Wednesday 14:50-15:30 & Thursday 14:00-14:40


LogicAJ is an extension of AspectJ that demonstrates the feasibility of a uniformly generic aspect language design [RK04]. Its seamless integration of logic meta-variables into the language lets LogicAJ provide much of the expressive power of approaches based on logic meta-programming. However, LogicAJ integrates all the necessary functionality within one uniform aspect language design instead of requiring the programmer to work completely in a logic-based environment (thus failing to use the advantages of object-orientation) or in two different environments at the same time (object-oriented and logic-based). The demonstration will introduce the language concepts of LogicAJ and demonstrate their expressiveness on applications whose implementation with non-generic aspect languages is either not possible, not efficient, not type-safe, or not reusable.


  • Tobias Rho (University of Bonn, Germany)
  • Günter Kniesel (University of Bonn, Germany)

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