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D12: Aspect-Oriented Web Service Composition in AO4BPEL

Wednesday 16:50-17:30 & Thursday 14:50-15:30


AO4BPEL is an aspect-oriented extension to the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), which is the upcoming standard for web service composition.

AO4BPEL addresses the lack of modularity with respect to crosscutting concerns and the inappropriate support for dynamic adaptability in workflow languages. AO4BPEL nicely shows how the paradigm of aspect-orientation can be also applied in the context of workflow languages with BPEL as representative and not only to programming languages.

In AO4BPEL, aspects are written in XML. Each process activity is a join point and XPath is the pointcut language, which selects a set of activities across process boundaries. An advice is a BPEL activity implementing some crosscutting functionality. The AO4BPEL runtime is a modifie BPEL orchestration engine, which supports dynamic weaving.

Attendees of the demonstration will see a live example of using of AO4BPEL aspects to modularize crosscutting concerns in web service compositions such as performance monitoring and billing. A travel agency scenario will be presented with several BPEL processes that compose other airline and hotel web services. After deploying the processes, we will deploy AO4BPEL aspects and the audience will see how the behaviour of the respective BPEL processes is dynamically modified consequently.


  • Anis Charfi (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)

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