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AOSD Spring School

Important Dates

Submissions Due : February 7, 2007
Notifications: February 15, 2007

Following up on last year's highly successful Spring School, which attracted more than 40 students and 10 experts in AOSD, we organize an equally interactive event at AOSD.07. The Spring School allows students to discuss their work in the area of AOSD with other students and experts. Together we try to address questions, worries, pitfalls and other important issues.

Since we don't want to interfere with the regular workshops and tutorials at the AOSD conference, which are excellent platforms for getting feedback on your work at the technical level, the Spring School will be held on the Sunday preceding the conference.

Note that we encourage you to attend both the Spring School and the Poster Event.

Submission Guidelines

If you are a student working on a thesis or a major project in AOSD, we would like to encourage you to participate in the Spring School. In order to be one of the participants, please submit a document containing the following items:

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation
  3. Title of your work
  4. Areas of interest
  5. Keywords
  6. Your research hypothesis (max 200 words)
    (Note that for beginning researchers it can be difficult to formulate the research hypothesis. In this case, try at least to formulate the problem you are going to address. For students nearing the deadline of their thesis this should be a very precise and concrete statement)
  7. A list of the contributions you (expect to) make
  8. Your three (or more) main important question, worries, pitfalls, ... Some examples that were collected during the 2006 Spring School can be found here.

We welcome combined submissions for both the Spring School and the Poster Event. Note that the first 7 items that are required for the Spring School are the same as for the Poster Event, so they only have to be submitted once in a combined submission.

Please send your submission to the organizers, Yvonne Coady and Maja D'Hondt, at

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