Student Forum
Most innovative work award
There will be a price of 400 € to the most innovative work submitted to the student forum.
Most Innovative Student Work Selection Committee
  • Harold Ossher (IBM, USA)
  • Elisa Baniassad (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Mario Südholt (INRIA, France)
  • Benoit Baudry (INRIA, France)
  • Ruzanna Chitchyan (Lancaster University, UK)

Important Dates
Studentship application:
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Spring School Extended abstract submission:
Monday, March 1st, 2010
Poster Event submission:
Monday, March 1st, 2010
Collaboration Event Participation submission:
Monday, March 1st, 2010
The AOSD Student Forum is an annual event dedicated to delivering training and development opportunities for students working in all areas of AOSD. This year 10 studentships will be awarded to the selected EU students for participation in the Student Forum.

Last year the AOSD.2009 Forum was focused on issues of PhD evaluation and collaborative work. The AOSD.2010 Forum will focus on issues of Research Dissemination and Career Planning. In addition, this year Student Forum will deliver a new event, whereby participating students will have an opportunity to engage with currently active large research projects.

AOSD.2010 Student Forum comprises of three events – the Spring School, the Poster Event, and the Research Project Collaboration Event. All of these events will provide students with opportunities to converse with experts in the field (working both in academia and in industry), interact with other students working in similar areas of research, and reflect upon their research work and carrier prospects.

If you are a student working on a thesis or a major project in AOSD, we would like to encourage you to participate in the Spring School. We welcome combined submissions for the Spring School and the Poster Event as well as expression of interest for the Project Collaboration Event.

If you have questions about these events please contact the Student Forum Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at students at

Studentship Application
The studentship comprises of the registration fees for the main conference and all workshops. The studentships will be used to facilitate students with limited funds to attend AOSD, as well as to encourage integration of the groups that work on AOSD or related topics but have been previously underrepresented ( or disjointed ) from the AOSD community.

To apply for an AOSD-Europe studentship, the interested students are invited to submit:

  • an extended research abstract (as required for the Spring School attendance) and
  • a brief statement (up to half a page) stating how attending AOSD will benefit their work (as well as any particular circumstances that the student may wish to point out, if relevant).
  • a brief (up to half a page) statement by a senior member from students research group (e.g. the supervisor, or the head of the group that the student is working in) stating how AOSD is relevant to their group and how the research in their group can be integrated with the work in AOSD community.

The submissions should be emailed to the Student Forum Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) on .

Submission deadline is 19th of January 2010, 23:59 (Samoan time).

The selection committee will comprise of the AOSD 2010 General Chair, the Organising Chair, and the Student Forum Chair. The applications will be judged on the relevance of the student work to AOSD, the potential extension of the AOSD community via integration of related work from new/underrepresented research groups, and the circumstances of individual students. Please note that the members of active AOSD groups will not be unfairly disadvantaged.