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Modularity Visions Track Program Overview

March 23
01:30 pm
Session 1 - Room: Caboclinhos
  • Modularity Visions Track Chair Intro
  • Talking about Concerns... (Invited Talk).
    Jim Herbsleb

  • Making Aspects Natural: Events and Composition.
    Christoph Bockisch, Somayeh Malakuti, Mehmet Aksit, Shmuel Katz

03:00 pm
Coffee Break
March 24
07:30 am
08:00 am
Next AOSD Presentation and Session 2 - Room: Caboclinhos
  • Modules: Dreams and Reality (Invited Talk).
    Gilad Bracha

  • Modularity for the Changing Meaning of Changing.
    William Harrison

09:30 am
Coffee Break
05:00 pm
March 25
03:00 pm
Core Ideas - Room: Caboclinhos
  • Portability as an Aspect: Rethinking Modularity in Mobile Game Development.
    Nan Niu, Vander Alves, Tanmay Bhowmik

03:20 am
Keynote: A Design Perspective on Modularity - André van der Hoek
Room: Caboclinhos




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