Posters and Demos

  • Ikuta Tanigawa, Nobuhiko Ogura, Midori Sugaya, Harumi Watanabe and Kenji Hisazumi
  A Structure of A C# Framework ContextCS based on Context-Oriented Programming
  • Wuliang Sun, Benoit Combemale and Robert France
  Invariant Checking Driven Co-slicing of Metamodel and Model
  • Ivan Logre, Sebastien Mosser and Michel Riveill   
  Composition Challenges for Sensor Data Visualization
  • Dan Matheson
  Modeling Requirements for Model-driven Engineering of Large Software Solutions Needing a Modular Approach
  • Arik Hadas and David Lorenz
  First Class Domain Specific Aspect Languages
  • Harold Ossher, David Ungar and Doug Kimelman
  Subjective, Multi-Dimensional Modularity with Korz
  • Arik Hadas and David Lorenz
  A Language Workbench for Implementing Your Favorite Extension to AspectJ   
  • Matthias Schöttle, Nishanth Thimmegowda, Omar Alam, Jörg Kienzle and Gunter Mussbacher
  Feature Modelling and Traceability for Concern-Driven Software Development with TouchCORE