Wednesday 18-March



Location: Theater foyer


Opening announcements

Location: Theater


Keynote: A component-based approach to semantics (Peter D. Mosses)

Location: Theater


Coffee break                                                Poster

Theater Foyer                                              Theater 2nd floor


Research Track: Language Design papers

Session chair: Walter Cazzola

Location: LSC 300

(30 minutes each paper)

Dynamically Composing Languages in a Modular Way: Supporting C Extensions for Dynamic Languages  (Matthias  Grimmer; Chris  Seaton; Thomas  Würthinger; Hanspeter)

Generalized Layer Activation Mechanism Through Contexts and Subscribers  (Tetsuo  Kamina; Tomoyuki  Aotani; Hidehiko  Masuhara)

Structured Synchronous Reactive Programming with Céu  (Francisco  Sant'Anna; Roberto  Ierusalimschy; Noemi  Rodriguez)

Research Track: Software Engineering Papers

Session chair: Hridesh Rajan

Location: LSC 312

(30 minutes each paper)

AspectMatlab++: Annotations, Types and Aspects for Scientists  (Andrew  Bodzay; Laurie  Hendren)

JavaRAG: a Java Library for Reference Attribute Grammars  (Niklas  Fors; Gustav  Cedersjö; Görel Hedin)

Architecture-Sensitive Heuristics for Prioritizing Critical Code Anomalies (Everton  Guimaraes; Alessandro  Garcia; Yuanfang  Cai)

Feature Scattering in the Large: A Longitudinal Study of Linux Kernel Device Drivers (Leonardo  Passos; Jesús  Padilla; Thorsten  Berger; Sven  Apel; Krzysztof  Czarnecki; Marco  Valente)

SRC presentations

Location: Theater



Location: North Ballroom


Excursion to Sylvandale Ranch

Pick up from:  BWUI at 2:00pm, Hilton at 2:15pm


Activities at Sylvandale Ranch, 3:00pm-6:30pm


Banquet at Sylvandale Ranch, at 6:30pm

Bus starts loading at 8:45PM to return to hotels

Drop off: Hilton, BWUI