AOSD 2002
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AOSD 2002
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Industry Adoption of AOSD Techniques
Panel Chair
  • Adrian Colyer IBM
Panel Members
  • Brian Barry, Object Technology International
  • Jim Hugunin, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Juri Memmert, JPM Design
  • Klaus Osterman, Siemens and Darmstadt University of Technology

Adrian Colyer is an IBM UK Technical Staff Member based at Hursley in England. His background is in industrial strength middleware for messaging, transaction processing and web application serving. Currently he leads a team of senior architects engaged in web services and WebSphere transaction processing strategy and architecture. Adrian is also active in promoting the use of AOSD techniques within IBM and coordinates a number of projects designed to explore the opportunities for industrial adoption.

Brian Barry is the Chief Scientist at Object Technology International, Inc., a subsidiary of IBM. He formerly held both the CTO and CEO positions at OTI. Dr. Barry has over 20 years of industrial and research experience in the development of OO languages, programming environments and applications. Under his leadership OTI developed the core technology for IBM\'s VisualAge family of products and initiated the Eclipse open source project. He currently serves on the Boards of MITACS and He is interested in encouraging the migration of AOSD technologies into commercial products.

Jim Hugunin is a Member of the Research Staff at the Palo Alto Research Center where he leads the implementation efforts for the AspectJ compiler and plays a key role in the design of the AspectJ language. His recent work has focused on building alternative languages that integrate seamlessly with the Java platform. Prior to coming to PARC, Jim designed and implemented JPython, a popular implementation of the Python scripting language for the Java platform.

Juri Memmert is a freelance consultant from Germany. He has worked as developer and architect on mid-size to large commercial projects, both on back- and frontend applications. His main interests are the creative use of AOSD technologies throughout the software development cycle and the application of AOSD in the context of "Design by contract" approaches in Java. He is actively promoting AOSD technologies in his projects.

Klaus Ostermann is a PhD student at Siemens Corporate Technology and Darmstadt University of Technology. His research focuses on language mechanisms, environments and type systems that support programmers in writing software with a clear separation of concerns, in particular with respect to aspect reuse and aspects with runtime semantics. In addition, he is promoting the usage of AOSD concepts and technologies within Siemens.

Keynotes Invited Sessions Panel Paper Sessions Tutorials Workshops Demonstrations