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Important Dates

Exhibition proposal submission: October 14, 2005
Notification of acceptance: November 28, 2005
Exhibitions Schedule: To be announced


Exhibitions present mature products or services and are intended to target potential customers from industry. The main criterion of selection for exhibition is relevance for practitioners. Exhibitions will be open to any conference attendee for three 90 minute sessions during the industry track. The exhibitions will be held in the exhibition hall, where every exhibitor will have a booth. Presenters should be prepared to spend time while the exhibition hall is open at their booth explaining their solutions or offering their services to interested parties. Exhibitions can present products and services like:

  • tools that directly support aspect-oriented software development, e.g. AOP compilers or AO reverse engineering tools,
  • applications and frameworks that are enhanced with AOSD support, e.g. aspect-enabled application servers,
  • libraries that support AOSD,
  • AOSD related consulting services
  • books and magazines,
  • etc.

Submission Guidelines

The following information is required for a demonstration/exhibition submission:

  • Exhibition title
  • Name, email, address, and phone number of the contact person
  • Names and affiliations of the other presenters
  • Description including:
    • Relevance to AOSD
    • Relevance to practitioners
    • A description of what the audience will see
    • For exhibits of technical products also include a description of:
      • Technical problems addressed by the product(s)
      • Relation to other industrial or research efforts
  • A 200 word abstract for advertising the demonstration/exhibition on the conference web site
  • Hardware and presentation requirements

Proposals for exhibitions should not exceed four pages in either ASCII (plain or HTML), Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or PostScript (PS).

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted by email to the Exhibitions Co-Chairs, Matt Chapman and Alexandre Vasseur, at


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