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Student Extravaganza

Important Dates

Submissions: February 8 , 2006
Notifications: February 12, 2006

At this year's student extravaganza, we accompany you for a little while on the journey that is to be your thesis. At this highly interactive event, you will have the opportunity to discuss your work in the area of AOSD with other students and experts.

The main goal of the AOSD.06 Student Extravaganza event is to promote interaction in a collaborative environment where questions, worries, pitfalls and other important issues can be identified and addressed. Example questions:

  • When have I done enough of a literature study?
  • How do I identify and formulate precisely my contributions?
  • Is my timing and planning feasible?
  • Are negative results also contributions?
  • How do I evaluate and validate my work?
  • What's the difference between foundational work and related work?
  • Am I doing engineering research or scientific research?
  • How can I get useful and constructive feedback from the people who are guiding or advising me?

The extravaganza will involve short presentations, moderated group discussions, and an informal poster session. Further details are to be determined when the number of participants is known. However, all students should be prepared to present their work and share both their current and anticipated challenges/experiences.

Submission Guidelines

If you are a student working on a thesis or a major project in AOSD, we would like to encourage you to participate in the student extravaganza event. In order to be one of the participants, please submit a poster presenting your work. The recommended size for posters is AO (841mm x 1189mm). Posters of this size will fit well on the provided display boards and will ensure visibility from a distance.

Additionally, indicate in the poster or in an accompanying text (2 pages maximum!) the following:

  • your research hypothesis: this is one sentence stating the assumption(s) you make, which you are going to address in your work. Note that for beginning researchers this sentence can be rather vague and broad.
  • a list of the contributions you expect to make
  • your three main important question, worries, pitfalls, ... These can be taken from, but are not limited to, the list above.

Submission Instructions

Send your submission to the organizers, Maja D'Hondt and Yvonne Coady, at Then, all you have to do is be ready to share this part of your journey with others!


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