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Important Dates

Tutorial proposals due: October 14, 2005
Notification: November 14, 2005
Final tutorial materials due: February 3, 2006
Tutorials: March 20–21, 2006

The AOSD.06 Organizing Committee invites proposals for half-day and full-day tutorials to be held in conjunction with the AOSD.06 conference. The organizers seek to offer a high-quality tutorial program covering the state of the art in AOSD, with topics of interest for both beginning and advanced participants. Introductory tutorials should be designed for attendees with little or no experience in AOSD, and should seek to educate participants about major AOSD concepts and well-developed approaches. Advanced tutorials should attract more experienced participants and should address advanced techniques, applications, and emerging opportunities. Topics that attract attendees from software industry are encouraged. Each submission will be evaluated according to the value and relevance of its topic to conference attendees, the expertise and experience of the presenters, and the completeness and overall quality of the tutorial proposal.


Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Programming languages
  • Software architectures and product lines
  • Reverse engineering and refactoring tools
  • Analysis and design methods
  • Verification, validation, and testing

Submission Requirements

A tutorial proposal should contain the following information:

  1. About each Instructor:
    • Name
    • Contact information
    • Affiliation, job title, postal address, email address, URL, phone number, and fax number
    • Brief biography
    • 100–150 words
    • Summary of teaching experience
    • Primary contact
    • Identify one instructor as the primary contact
  2. About the Tutorial:
    • Title
    • Half-day or full-day
    • Half-day is 3 hours and full-day is 6 hours, excluding breaks
    • Abstract
    • 200–300 words describing the tutorial, suitable for the conference Web site and advance program
    • Expected audience
    • Technical experts, managers, users, or other
    • Level of the tutorial
    • Introductory, intermediate, or advanced
    • Prerequisites for participants
    • Background, knowledge, and/or skills that the intended audience should have
    • Synopsis
    • 1000–3000 words describing the tutorial: topic, why it is important, educational goals, and a detailed outline including a syllabus and time schedule
    • Previous venues at which this tutorial has been presented
    • Include brief summaries, with number of participants and rating that the tutorial received
    • Required equipment for presentation
    • Overhead projector, PC projector, whiteboard, flip charts, microphone, etc.
    • Required equipment for participants
    • If the tutorial includes hands-on sessions

Submission Guidelines

Proposals must be submitted in ASCII text, PostScript, PDF, or MS Word format. Tutorial materials such as slides and handouts should be included if available, but are not required for submission. Providing such materials will show depth and maturity of the tutorial, however, and will be a factor in the selection process.

Submission Deadlines

Tutorial proposals must be sent via email to the AOSD.06 Tutorial Co-Chairs at, and must be received no later than Friday, October 14, 2005. Early submissions allow us to provide feedback that can improve the final proposal. Notifications to submitters will be made no later than Monday, November 14, 2005. Tutorial presenters should be prepared to submit completed course materials to the Tutorial Co-Chairs by Friday, February 3, 2006.


For additional information, clarifications, questions, or special requirements, please contact the AOSD.06 Tutorial Co-Chairs, Siobhán Clarke and Klaus Ostermann (

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