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Travelling to and around Vancouver

Getting there

By air

If you're arriving by air, you'll most likely be flying into Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Another option, especially for people flying in from the United States is to fly to Seattle instead. Flights into Seattle can often be significantly cheaper than into Vancouver. From Seattle, the drive is about 2.5 hours, but border traffic can add up to an hour extra.

Americans will need a passport to enter Canada by air.

By bus

To get to the hotel by bus, take bus 424 from the Vancouver International Airport Level 1 and transfer to bus 98 at Airport Station Bay 4. You can then get off at the intersection of Seymour St. and Davie St. and walk to the conference centre. Also, see the Translink website.

By car

For directions from the airport to the Sheraton Wall Centre via google maps, click here.

Sheraton Wall Centre offers underground parking. However, please note that this usually requires additional payment.

Here is more information regarding parking around the Wall Centre. Most of the lots offer cheaper alternatives

For other options or more information on getting to Vancouver click here

Getting Around

Public Transportation

Vancouver boasts a high-quality public transportation system, that is maintained by TransLink, and made up of a network of buses, ferries, light rails, and commuter trains, including the SeaBus and the SkyTrain. TransLink provides transit services covering over 1800 square kilometres of the Greater Mainland of Vancouver—getting around the city is convenient, easily accessible and often provides beautiful views of the city! (Schedules, Trip Planner, Fares)

Tel: (604) 953-3333.

For more information on transportation click here.


Vancouver is a very walkable city. Drivers tend to be courteous and respectful of walkers.

Some traffic lights, instead of being steadily green, blink green. Blinking green traffic lights don't turn red unless a pedestrian presses the walk button to stop traffic in order to cross the street. On streets with blinking green lights, the cross street has no traffic light at all, only a stop sign. Vehicles cross when the opportunity presents itself.


If you're in a downtown area (this includes the conference hotel), you'll be able to find a taxi easily. If you aren't, it is probably best to call the cab company and request pick up. Expect to pay about $27 (including tip) to get from the airport to the hotel.

  • Yellow Cabs:
  • Vancouver Taxi:
  • Black Top Cabs:
  • MacLure's Cabs:


Vancouver drivers, as a rule, are courteous and mild-mannered. They stop for pedestrians, and they don't often run yellow lights. Seatbelts are mandatory for both drivers and passengers in British Columbia. Headlights should be on at all times, day and night. If you purchase a car in BC, the headlights go on when you start the car.

Canada is metrically oriented; therefore, driving distance is measured in kilometres, not miles.



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