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Public Transport


Bonn has good local public transport facilities. Apart from various bus lines (identified by three digits), there is a subway in central bonn, becoming a tram in the outer districts (lines identified by two digits). Most lines stop at the main station or at its bus terminal on the other side of the road. Don't get confused by the various operators, like SWB, RVK, RSVG, SSB and KVB, just to mention a few. All these operators have joined the local transport union "VRS", and a VRS ticket is all you need. While all bus drivers sell tickets, subways and trams are only equipped with ticket machines.

Buying a week ticket ("One-Week City Ticket Bonn") is recommended. It is available for EUR 17.30 and valid for whole Bonn, except for the airport shuttle bus, which has special prices. Please ask the driver.

For timetable information, consider the VRS web site. It is available in

  • English
  • German
  • French (Click one of the links above, then choose the flag in the upper right corner of the search form)
  • Spanish (Click one of the links above, then choose the flag in the upper right corner of the search form)

Unfortunately, the stop names haven't been translated! Here is a list of translations:

  • Bonn main station: "Bonn Hauptbahnhof (Innenstadt)"
  • Cologne/Bonn airport: "Köln/Bonn Flughafen"

Travelling from the main station to the conference venue can be confusing . Of course, you can just walk, which maybe the fastest possibility! In case of bad weather or heavy luggage, enter the subway station and use line 16 (to Bad Godesberg) or line 66 (to Bad Honnef) to the next stop ("Universität/Markt"). You are now behind the university main building. There is also a bus stop right in front of the main entrance just called "Bonn Markt". However, it is located inside of a one-way street, and the busses have to go around the whole city center to get there!


The "Deutsche Bahn" (DB) is Germany's national railway company. You can use some of their lines with your VRS ticket, too, as long as you travel inside Bonn and the line's name starts with "RE". Please note that there are two seat classes. Using 1st class seats require additional payment.

More likely, you will use a DB train to travel from your airport to Bonn and vice versa, e.g. from Frankfurt. The Cologne/Bonn airport also has a station, but there are no direct trains to the Bonn main station. You can get there by changing lines on your way, but we recommend using the shuttle bus (line 670). By the way, on its way from the airport it also stops at "Bonn Markt" right in front of the conference venue!

The Deutsche Bahn offers an international timetable search engine including internet booking with credit cards. It is available in:

Please use "Bonn Hbf" as your destination, as the system only understands German station names!

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