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Travelling to Bonn

By Airplane

There are several advisable airports in Germany:

Köln/Bonn (CGN)

Köln/Bonn (CGN) is the closest airport to Bonn. It is well connected to all major European airports, and companies like German Wings and Happag Lloyd Express do their best to offer the cheapest flight from many european cities.

The regular bus shuttle (line 670) takes about half an hour from the airport to the city center.
Download timetable (Some translations: Flughafen = airport, Hauptbahnhof = central station, montags bis donnerstags = monday untill thursday, freitags = friday, samstags = saturday, sonn.-u.feiertags = sunday and holidays).

Düsseldorf (DUS)

For european participants it might also be convenient to get a cheap flight to Düsseldorf (DUS), which is about one train (see below) hour away from Bonn.

Intercontinental flights to Amsterdam, London Heathrow or Paris Charles de Gaule often can be combined with connecting flights to Düsseldorf or Köln/Bonn.

Frankfurt (FFM)

Most intercontinental flights go through Frankfurt (FFM). From the Frankfurt airport station there are many direct trains (see below) to Bonn, taking approximately 1.5 hours.

A hint for those arriving during daylight: Choose a train via Koblenz and enjoy the trip through the beautiful Rhine Valey with all the castles around. If speed is your major concern, use the high speed train (ICE) that joins Frankfurt and Siegburg in about 55 minutes.

From Siegburg, there are tram connections taking about 25 minutes to Bonn main station.
Download timetable (Some translations: Siegburg Bahnhof = Siegburg station, Hauptbahnhof = Bonn central station, montags bis freitags = monday untill friday, samstags = saturday, sonn.-u.feiertags = sunday and holidays).

By Train

Due to its central location, Bonn can be conveniently reached by train from many places in Europe. The Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national railway company, offers an international timetable search engine including internet ticket booking with credit cards. You can print out the tickets directly on your own printer at home, so there's no need to visit a ticket office at all. Choose your language:

Search for your train directly

You can buy a train ticket online and print it out at home. It will be valid for any train on the specified route starting on the specified day (for the entire next month).

If you decide to take another route than the booked one, your ticket will still be valid. However, you might need to pay the difference to the conductor, in particular if you switch from a normal IC to a high-speed ICE.

Just use the preconfigured search form below to find the most convenient connections. On the result page there is a link to "Online ticket" in the lower left corner. It will open a pop-up that tells you everything you need to know. If you have a credit card and 15 minutes time it will save you the hassle of doing this after a 10 hours flight.

Your airport:
Arrival date:
Arrival time (airport): Please use 24h time format, e.g. 18:00 instead of 6pm!
Departure date:
Departure time (airport): Please use 24h time format, e.g. 18:00 instead of 6pm!

By Car

As parking is a problem inside of the city center, drivers should look out for a hotel offering an underground garage, e.g. the Günnewig Hotel. However, please note that using them usually requires additional payment.

The public underground garages (Open map) in Bonn have the following prices (per day, i.e. 24h):

  • P1: Markt garage: 15€, 5.50€ on sundays
  • P2: University garage: 16€
  • P3: Central station garage: 15€, 10€ with a valid train ticket
  • P4: Stiftsgarage: 12€
  • P5: Opera garage: 10€ (first day), 5€ (following days)
  • Bonn City garages (most other): 15€, 5.50€ on sundays

For maps and route recommendations, see Map24 in

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