The workshop will be structured to encourage fruitful discussions and build connections between workshop participants. To this end, approximately half of the workshop time will be devoted to short presentations of accepted papers, with the remaining half devoted to semi-structured discussion groups. Participants will be expected to have read the accepted papers prior to the workshop, to help ensure focused discussions. Participants will work with the workshop organizers prior to the workshop to establish topics for discussion groups.

Monday, March 17, 2003
Shillman Hall, Room 215
Northeastern University

09:00 —
09:15 —

Paper Presentations I

Lock Inference for Systems Software
John Regehr, Alastair Reid (University of Utah)

Evolving an OS Kernel Using Temporal Logic and Aspect-Oriented Programming
Rickard A. Åberg (École des Mines de Nantes), Julia L. Lawall (DIKU, University of Copenhagen), Mario Südholt, Gilles Muller (École des Mines de Nantes)

Speed vs. Memory Usage - An Approach to Deal with Contrary Aspects
Wolfgang Schult, Andreas Polze (Hasso-Plattner-Institute at the University of Potsdam)

Managing Complexity in Middleware
Adrian Colyer (IBM UK Limited), Gordon Blair, Awais Rashid (Lancaster University)

The Aspect-Oriented Interceptors' Pattern for Crosscutting and Separation of Concerns Using Conventional Object Oriented Programming Languages
John Zinky, Richard Shapiro (BBN Technologies)

10:30 —
11:00 —

Paper Presentations II

Invasive Composition Adapters: An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Visual Component-Based Development
Wim Vanderperren, Davy Suvée, Viviane Jonckers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Aspect Component Based Software Engineering
Pedro J. Clemente, Juan Hernández (University of Extremadura)

Learning from Components: Fitting AOP for System Software
Andreas Gal, Michael Franz, Danilo Beuche (University of California, Irvine)

AOP Support for C#
M. Devi Prasad (Manipal Academy of Higher Education), B. D. Chaudhary (Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology)

Idioms for Building Software Frameworks in AspectJ
Stefan Hanenberg (University of Essen), Arno Schmidmeier (AspectSoft)

12:15 —
Paper Presentations Wrap-Up
Organization of Discussion Groups
12:30 —


Note that lunch on the day of the workshop is not included in the normal AOSD 2003 conference registration fee. Lunch tickets ($20 per person, per day) may be purchased via the conference registration page or on site.

14:00 —

Discussion Groups

The workshop attendees participate in semi-structured discussion groups on ACP4IS topics, according to their interests. Refer to the discussion groups page for pre-workshop information and planning of the discussion groups.

15:30 —
16:00 —

Discussion Groups Wrap-Up

Each group concludes by preparing a ``mini-report'' or ``outbrief'' that summarizes the discussion: achievements, positions, opinions, common themes, closed issues, open issues, solved problems, challenge problems, ideas for future activities and collaborations, ....

16:30 —

Discussion Group Reports

Representatives of the discussion groups present their outbriefs to all the workshop attendees. The workshop concludes with planning of post-workshop activities.