Proceedings (all papers).

Evolving an OS Kernel Using Temporal Logic and Aspect-Oriented Programming
Rickard A. Åberg, Julia L. Lawall, Mario Südholt, Gilles Muller

Aspect Component Based Software Engineering
Pedro J. Clemente, Juan Hernández

Managing Complexity in Middleware
Adrian Colyer, Gordon Blair, Awais Rashid

Learning from Components: Fitting AOP for System Software
Andreas Gal, Michael Franz, Danilo Beuche

Idioms for Building Software Frameworks in AspectJ
Stefan Hanenberg, Arno Schmidmeier

AOP Support for C#
M. Devi Prasad, B. D. Chaudhary

Lock Inference for Systems Software
John Regehr, Alastair Reid

Speed vs. Memory Usage - An Approach to Deal with Contrary Aspects
Wolfgang Schult, Andreas Polze

Invasive Composition Adapters: An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Visual Component-Based Development
Wim Vanderperren, Davy Suvée, Viviane Jonckers

The Aspect-Oriented Interceptors' Pattern for Crosscutting and Separation of Concerns Using Conventional Object Oriented Programming Languages
John Zinky, Richard Shapiro