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Local Information

Fukuoka, Japan

MODULARITY: aosd•13 is going to be held in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau describes about Fukuoka in Charms of Fukuoka City as follows:

Fukuoka City lies on the northern coast of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan. The population of the city is approximately 1.4 million people, making it the 8th largest city in Japan. Being the closest major city in Japan to the Korean Peninsula and China, Fukuoka has from ancient times been a gateway for economic and cultural exchanges with its Asian neighbors. On the basis of these historical and geographical links, the city is working hard on many levels to strengthen its relationships with the rest of Asia, towards the goal of becoming a "focal point for the exchange of Asia".

All tracks are held at Fukuoka International Congress Center. The convention zone is in close distance of about 4.5 km from Fukuoka Airport.

Local Information

Cherry Blossoms

If the tempalature of early spring will be enough high, you can see a lot of cherry blossoms planted around the city. Fukuoka has several spots for seeing cherry blossomes including Fukuka castle ruins. A number of people come to gether such spots to enjoy scenery fulled with cherry blossomes.


Ramen is a kind of noodle dish, which is more popular than traditional noodle dishes such as Udon and Soba in Japan. Its origin is Chinese noodle but it have been localized for a hundred years.

In Fukuoka, you can eat tonkotsu ramen, which is one of the most popular variation of ramen. It consists of soup from tonkotsu (pig bones) and thin straight noodle.

Since Fukuoka is a coastal city, you can enjoy a variety of seafood. Of cource, you can eat sushi or sashimi. Mentaiko (eggs of Alaskan Pollack) is a typical food of Fukuoka. Eating these foods with sake or shouchu (a kind of distilled spirits) is nice.

Mizudaki and motsunabe are Fukuoka-local dishes classified to nabemono (The most famous nabemono is sukiyaki in the outside of Japan). Mizudaki is a dish of cooked chicken and vegetables in a pot on a table. On the other hand, in motsunabe, beef or pork offal is used instead of chicken and its soup is spicy.

Historical Places

You will have a chance to visit Dazaifu Tenman-gu, which is known as a shrine for learning. Let's pray for your successful research activities.

In the center of Fukuoka, you can find other historical places. For examle, Yusentei park have a beautiful Japanese-style garden. You feel time slowly passes if you sit down by the side of a pond in the garden.

Easy Access

Fukuoka International Airport has direct flights from east-asian countries. From Europe and the United States, you can access via Tokyo, Kansai, Seoul (Korea), Hong Kong, Shanghai (China) or Singapore.

The venue and the downtown of Fukuoka is located near the airport. It takes about 40 minutes from the airport to the venue by Bus. For more details, please refere to travel information.

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