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Travel Information

Access to Fukuoka, Japan

A lot of Japanese people incluing me don't know the fact that Busan and Shanghai are closer to Fukuoka than Osaka and Tokyo. Since Fukuoka is connected with major Asian airports by direct flights, it is quite easy to come from North/South America, Europe, and other parts of the world. If you don't want to drop by large cities like Tokyo and Osaka or wonder about 3.11 nuclear effects need not to transit these cities. Further information can be found at Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Those who wants to know more about traveling in Japan should also take a look into the OC's guide to Fukuoka! You can find travel plans recommended from each OC's personal point of view, as well as recommended transportations for stopping over Tokyo or Kyoto.

Domestic Flights
  • Tokyo Narita: 8 flights/day, 1H 50min
  • Tokyo Haneda: 92 flights/day, 1H 40min
  • Kansai: 28 flights/day, 1H 00min
International Flights
  • Busan: 42 flights/week, 50min
  • Seoul: 70 flights/week, 1H 15min
  • Shanghai: 42 flights/week, 1H 40min
  • Taipei: 42 flights/week, 2H 00min
  • Beijing: 22 flights/week, 2H 30min
  • Hong Kong: 28 flights/week, 4H 40min

Access to Downtown from Fukuoka Airport

No other airport in Japan is so close to city center as Fukuoka Airport. The subway line provides 5 minutes access from the airport to downtown (i.e.,Hakata station or Tenjin station) about 10 minutes. The detailed access information can be found in an official website and subway guide.

By Train (Recommended)
To Hakata Station
5 minutes by subway from the Fukuoka Aiport Subway Station to the Hakata Station.
To Tenjin Station
The same subway reaches the Tenjin Station in 11 minutes.

Access to Venue (International Congress Center) from Downtown

All tracks are held at 4th floor, Fukuoka International Congress Center ( in Japanese). The convention zone is in close distance of about 1.5km from the center of Tenjin station, about 2.5km from Hakata station and about 4.5km from Fukuoka Airport.

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By Car/Taxi/Walking (Recommended)

We would rather recommend walking.

URL: Route Guide

From Fukuoka Airport
1 hour by walk, or 15 minutes by taxi.
From Hakata Station
A Half hour by walk, or 10 minutes by taxi
From Tenjin Station
20 minutes by walk, or 6 minutes by taxi
By Bus: Official Web

Be careful as most instructions are given only in Japanese

From Hakata Station: Map
From Tenjin Station Map
  • Tenjin Solaria Stage-mae Bus Stop 2A (9 minutes by bus No 80
  • Get off at Kokusai Kaigijo Sun Palace-mae ( in Japanese).
  • The fee could be 180 yen.

Visa Information

The ministry of foreigh affairs of Japan site shows a list of 61 contries and regions that have visa exemption arrangements with Japan. See the following web site for details:

Citizens from other countries (China and Russia, for example) should have a valid visa before departure. Several documents provided by the Japanese side are necessary before you submit a visa application to your nearest Japanese embassy. If you need a special invitation letter to attend MODULARITY: aosd•13 on a visa, please make a request to the Organizing Co-Chairs ({"name": "organization", "dom": ""}) with your registration number. We can only provide invitation letters to participants that have paid their registration fees. Details about visa applications can be found on the following web page: