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Student Events

Student Events

As with previous editions of the AOSD student events, the MODULARITY: aosd•2013 consists of several events designed to engage and connect students both with other students and with domain experts including the Student Forum, the Poster Event, and the Student Research Competition.

Registration and Travel Grants

We are happy to announce that the European Network of Excellence on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD-Europe) will fund up to 10 grants supporting student registrations or travel costs for MODULARITY: aosd•2013. We will select students based on a motivation letter (not more than 250 words) and target a balanced mix of countries. Students that have submitted a research abstract to the Student Research Competition or a poster should refer to their submission.

Important information

  • The grants are limited to students from European universities (independent of the student's nationality).
  • A grant includes 30,000 JP¥ that will only be reimbursed after a student has registered for the full conference.
  • Students who are not student volunteers:
    • You must use this money for covering the registration costs.
    • When you register, enter your personal information, but do not perform the payment step until you will be informed from the Student Events chairs.
    • If you already paid and want to apply for this grant, please contact the Student Events chairs immediately.
  • Student volunteers:
    • You can use the money to cover your travel or hotel costs.
    • You must an invoice or the air ticket during the conference.

Due Date: March 10th, 2013
Notification Date: March 15th, 2013
Format: E-Mail
Contact and Submission to:

Student Forum

Sunday March 24th, 2013 whole day event

The Student Forum will take place on the Sunday preceding the conference to allow students to meet other students before the main conference begins. As in previous years, the Student Forum will be an interactive format that allows students to interact brainstorm innovative ways that AOSD research interests intersect. Students will also have the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of domain experts both in a panel and small group settings.


Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel, 4th floor (NOT Fukuoka International Congress Center)
Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel is next to Fukuoka International Congress Center.


10:00 - 10:15welcome
10:15 - 10:45speed dating
10:45 - 11:15first round collaborative writing
11:15 - 12:30panel
12:30 - 14:00lunch break
14:00 - 15:15second round collaborative writing
15:15 - 16:00presentation of results from collaborative writing

We will arrange a place for having lunch together. But all have to pay for themselves.

Speed Dating: Participants pair up and introduce themselves and their research to each other during 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, they have to find a new partner.

Collaborative Writing: In small groups, students will develop an idea of how to incorporate their respective research into a coherent, joint project. They will write down a motivation and problem statement for it, as well as an approach. In the end, they present their research idea to the whole group. During the day, the panelists consult the students and give additional input.


  • Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Shigeru Chiba (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Michael Haupt (Oracle Labs, Germany)
  • Jianjun Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)


To allow us to better plan the event, we ask you to provide us with some input. If you intend to participate in the Student Forum, please send the following information to

  • Prepare one or more questions you would like to be discussed in the panel.
  • Write a short description about yourself (max. 100 words) including what is your field of research (e.g., languages, tools, design, applications) a brief problem statement for your research and what is your experience (i.e., how long have you been a PhD student).

Poster Event

Time: Mon, Mar. 25th (18:30-20:00)

The Poster Event is always one of the most exciting and well attended social events of the conference. It is a perfect opportunity for every researcher - not only students - to present their work to conference attendees while mingling in a social setting. Students that participate in both the Student Forum and the Poster Event have the added advantage of already knowing other participants. Do not miss out on this opportunity to take your research to the next level, clarify problem statements, vet solutions, identify evaluation methods or just prepare for your dissertation.

Accepted Posters

  • Eric Bodden
    SPL Lift - Transparent and Efficient Reuse of IFDS-based Static Program Analysis
  • Lin Wang
    Interaction Awareness for Aspect Refactoring
  • Steffen Zschaler
    Verifiable Modularisation of DSMLs
  • Kohei Sakurai
    Delta-Oriented Module Composition
  • YungYu Zhuang
    Extending Event-driven Programming to Support Reactive Programming by Adding an Interface Mechanism
  • Yoshinori Takesako
    'WalB' - An Efficient Backup and Replication of Storage
  • Manabu Toyama
    Dependencies of Inter-type methods and base code
  • Shumpei Hozumi
    A Development Tool for Detecting Calculation Leaks
  • Tetsuya Shiota
    Automatic Delta Layout Reshaping in Object by Java Compiler
  • Fuminobu Takeyama
    Non-object-oriented code in feature-oriented product lines
  • Phu Nguyen
    A Modularity Vision in Model-Driven Security (MDS)

Submission Summary

Due Date: March 1st, 2013
Notification Date: March 2nd, 2013 or earlier for submissions before the due date
Format: E-Mail with attached poster preview ISO A1 Portrait printout
Contact and Submission to:

Student Research Competition

Time: Mon, 25th (18:30-20:00) and Wed, 27th (11:00-12:30)

  • Monday: Poster presentation
  • Wednesday: Oral presentation (10 min. presentation + 5 min. questions)

MODULARITY: aosd•2013 is hosting an ACM Student Research Competition (SRC). The competition, sponsored by Microsoft Research, is an internationally-recognized venue that enables undergraduate and graduate students to experience the research world, share their research results with other students and MODULARITY: aosd•2013 attendees, and compete for prizes. The ACM Student Research Competition shares the Poster session's goal to facilitate students' interaction with researchers and industry practitioners; providing both sides with the opportunity to learn of ongoing, current research. Additionally, the Student Research Competition affords students with experience with both formal presentations and evaluations.

For more information please visit the Student Research Competition call.

Student Participants

  • Ismael Figueroa (Univ. of Chile & INRIA)
    Towards Control of Aspect Interference using Membranes and Monads
  • Haihan Yin (Univ. of Twente)
    A Graphical Tool for Observing State and Behavioral Changes at Join Points
  • Aibek Sarimbekov (Univ. of Lugano)
    Comparison of Instrumentation Techniques for Dynamic Program Analysis on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Cynthia Disenfeld (Technion)
    User-Friendly Event and Aspect Verification
  • Kazunori Sakamoto (Waseda Univ.)
    A Framework for Analyzing and Transforming Source Code Supporting Multiple Programming Languages
  • Kazuhiro Yamashita (Kyushu Univ.)
    Modular Construction of an Analysis Tool for Mining Software Repositories
  • Wakana Takeshita (The Univ. of Tokyo)
    Method Shells: controlling a scope of destructive class extensions by context switches
  • Kazuhiro Ichikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Powerful and seamless syntax extensions on a statically typed language
  • Junhee Cho (KAIST)
    Rewriting JavaScript Module System


  • Andreas Sewe, (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto Univerity, Japan)
  • Christoph Bockisch (Univeristy of Twente, the Netherlands)
  • Éric Tanter (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
  • Jianjun Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
  • Michael Haupt (Oracle Labs, Germany)
  • Ruzanna Chitchyan (University of Leicester, UK)
  • Sérgio Soares (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
  • Shigeru Chiba (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Shmuel Katz (The Technion, Israel)
  • Walter Cazzola (University of Milan, Italy)
  • Yvonne Coady (University of Victoria, Canada)

The Winners of the 2013 Student Research Competition

Graduate Category

  • First Place: Ismael Figueroa (Univ. of Chile & INRIA)
    Towards Control of Aspect Interference using Membranes and Monads
  • Second Place: Cynthia Disenfeld (Technion)
    User-Friendly Event and Aspect Verification
  • Third Place: Aibek Sarimbekov (Univ. of Lugano)
    Comparison of Instrumentation Techniques for Dynamic Program Analysis on the Java Virtual Machine

Undergraduate Category

  • First Place: Junhee Cho (KAIST)
    Rewriting JavaScript Module System

Student Events Chairs

Christoph Bockisch, University of Twente, the Netherlands
Atsushi Igarashi, Kyoto University, Japan

Feel free to contact the student event chairs at