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Things to Know

Here, we figure out some useful links to know the important things to know before attending to MODULARITY: aosd•13. It includes kinds of tips to travel comfortably in Japan and the up-to-date official information related to the 3.11 Earthquake. We list up the following three web sites so that you could have only to check Japan's current situation and culture at the minimum cost.

  • Japan National Tourism 3.11 info and travel info

    are preparing complete answers against typical questions that tourists might be in mind on the first visit to Japan after the earthquake. For example, "Can I still visit to Japan", "What about the situation of the radiation?" and "Is the food and water safe?". For the reference, the answers are "Yes", "No problem" and "Yes" respectively. Please take a look at official brochures in English, French and Germany also.

    Japan National Tourism Organization also shows useful FAQs it can easily help your first visit to Fukuoka, Japan. For example, the answers for "Expensive?", "Tip?", "Electricity?" and "Mobile phone?" are "No", "Unnecessary", "100v" and "Rental at the airport". Regarding to mobile phones Japan communications recently released prepaid SIM cards. Please check here before your departure.

  • Fukuoka Hakata Tourist Information Site Yokanavi

    is providing information such as locations of tourist information centers, duty free shops, ATMs and coin lockers and transportation systems in Fukuoka.

  • Nippon Travel Agency

    is describing additional funny topics like how to ojigi, how to stand on escalator, how to eat noodle and about so many vending machines, convenience stores.